Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Other Residents of the House .... Part 1

Andrew thought it might be time to introduce the other creatures living with him in our house. We are proud to belong to four personality filled cats. Andrew is the youngest and he's been showcased before so I will begin with the Grand Dame. This is Tigger. She came into our lives 13.5 years ago, when, someone outside the local supermarket, had kittens and knew two suckers when they saw one. Tig very quickly took over and began running our lives. She really belongs to Helen, but she's been known to curl up on my lap when there's nothing better around. She has even deigned to sit on John's lap, but neither of them are very comfortable until that ordeal is over.
Tig is not the easiest cat to live with. She has very strong views about everything and everyone, and she is not afraid to share them. Her favorite form of communication is hissing now, especially since Andrew showed up as he makes it his life's mission to torment her. However, she puts up with everything we have thrown at her (moves, other cats, etc.) just to be near Helen. Truy unconditional love on both sides.
Her favorite pose is curled in the shape of a C, on her back, with her paws tucked up and her favorite spot is anywhere the sun is coming in. I'm beginning to sound like a dating service - "her favorite color is....." - so I'm going to stop here.

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Hey Teach! said...

she is a very loving cat...she just loves one person...ME!