Sunday, September 30, 2007

To the Vet AGAIN!

Andrew's problems persist. Last night he was crying and pacing so we brought him to the vet again. From LBI (over an hour away from his vet). On Sunday again! The cat is addicted to emergency vet services. He is a very high maintenance creature:)

We got to the vet at 7:45 AM, an ungodly hour for a Sunday, and he was seen almost immediately. Then we had to wait for two hours to see the doctor, who was worth the wait. She had spent time with Andrew and took a lot of time to explain things and make sure we really understood what she was telling us. Then she went to give him subcutaneous fluids and we waited for another hour. While we were waiting, Helen heard a tech saying she had just had a cat arrest on her. Logically you know it can't be your cat - your cat is young and healthy and only has one tiny thing wrong with him. Emotionally, you are sure it's yours and that they're torturing him. However, after what seemed like an eternity, a tech came out carrying him and he was fine. Very happy to see us and very anxious to go home. He has to go back on his medicine and he now gets special food, but he is with us at home where he belongs, even now asleep in a sunbeam.

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