Saturday, September 15, 2007


Andrew's problem persists, so he had to go back to the vet this week. He is such a great cat - he gets right into his carrier when asked, even though he knows that he has to go back to that awful place where they poke, prod and squeeze him in all the most undignified places. So he and his good friend Helen went off on their adventure. Helen was very mean - she wouldn't let him drive or anything. After visiting a veterinary technician, seeing a doctor, and spending time in the back visiting all his new friends that run his tests, he finally got to come home. And for the next few days, he didn't want to leave Helen's side. Luckily for Andrew, Helen is working from home so he gets to spend lots of quality of time with her. But his other good friend John had to hold onto him when Helen went to the post office to mail our store's packages, or whenever she left the house period. And since he is on his meds again, he gets to come to the beach with us again this weekend. This works out very nicely for me because it means I get napping partner. One of the great things about being unencumbered with children and their schedules, is that I have the luxury of taking naps on weekend afternoons, something I really enjoy doing! And having a furry friend to curl up with just makes it all the better:)

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Hey Teach! said...

beebee (what we affectionately call andrew) is doing better today...hopefully he will not regress after he finishes his meds